Because Chinese Food Night would be incomplete without them

Fortune Cookies!!!

For my first project of Nerd Wars, I have answered the Intellectual Challenge – “An adage a day.”  In this challenge, we need to take an adage or proverb and create a project inspired it.  In addition (and for more points), the project should somehow tie back to your chosen Nerdery…in my case, The Big Bang Theory (TBBT).

How can fortune cookies apply to a proverb challenge?  Easy!  Every Friday night is Chinese Food Night for the Big Bang Theory gang and what would Chinese Food Night be without fortune cookies?

For my proverb, I went with “Man does not live by bread alone.”

The pattern is Felted Fortune Cookies by Tanya Brooks.  It’s a free pattern I got from Ravelry and was published in several other places.  For yarn, I used  Patons Classic Wool in Natural.

The pattern was simple and quick to knit up (I made 3 cookies in a couple of days), although one area I found to be slightly less than helpful was the final assembly instructions for the pattern.  There weren’t too many pictures included in the pattern and the instructions were less than specific as far as how the project should look as you went through the different stages of finishing.  I had to guess a little more than I like to on how to make up the cookies and actually get them to look like fortune cookies.

In the end, however.  I think they came out quite well.

Here’s my step-by-step:

1. Knit a circle (instructions in the pattern)

2. Sew the center hole shut – it will look a little more oval now.

3. Felt the circles (ovals) in the washing machine according to the instructions in the pattern.  Then block them each into a circle.  Make sure you wait until they’re dry to take them off the blocking mat.

4.  Once the circles are dry and you’ve removed them from the blocking mat, it’s time to sew them up.  Fold the circle in half and use clear thread to stitch the folds together – only at one point though, no need to close the whole thing.

5. The trick to making it look like a cookie is to fold the semi-circle in half again and then fold the cookie lengthwise until the 2 points meet.  Where those points meet (on the underside) is where you want to sew with clear thread again to hold the shape together.

6.  When you’re all done, they’ll look like fortune cookies!


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