More than meets the eye!

When a friend of mine requested a Transformers hat for her son, I figured that it would be no problem. I mean, it’s Transformers. Someone has to have made a pattern right?

Yeah, not so much.

I searched as many of the corners of the internet as I could think of. All to no avail. I did find one crocheted Transformer hat on Etsy, but she was only selling the finished product not the pattern. My only recourse was to write a pattern myself. It was a really fun challenge since, although I’ve improvised before, I’ve never actually written a pattern down.

Here’s what I came up with:


What do you think?


Browns & Ice Blue, an adventure in blanket-making

The wonderful lady (L) that asked me to finish her daughter’s blanket also asked me to make a lap afghan for another friend of hers (actually the friend’s mom). When we first talked about it, she mentioned that she had a blanket that someone had made for her daughter. She liked the pattern and wanted to see if I could copy it. At first she said it was knitted, but after looking at it I realized that her daughter’s blanket was crocheted.

Not a problem. Crochet goes faster anyway.

When I got to her house to pick some things up, she handed me a bag of yarn that she thought would work. She wasn’t sure if there would be enough, but it was all the store had. It was a very pretty acrylic in purples and greens. She showed me a picture of the “giftee’s” curtains that they wanted the blanket to coordinate with and I was unsure the colors would work, but I didn’t bring it up.

Then she told me that the “giftee’s” living room colors are ‘browns & ice blue,’ at which point I was sure the colors wouldn’t match. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure about the color and she happily gave me the receipt and let me exchange the yarn. So, although the original colors were very pretty and I totally would have liked them for something of my own, I exchanged that yarn for this:

It took me a couple hours to figure out the pattern of the blanket she wanted me to copy. I’m 99% sure I got it. Because the yarns are TOTALLY different, you can hardly tell that the pattern is the same. And the stitch pattern itself doesn’t stand out as much in the blanket I’m working on because the yarn is multi-colored. I figure it would have worked out that way even with the other yarn so I’m trying not to fret over it too much.

It’s supposed to be a lap-sized afghan. I checked Ravelry and Etsy to see what size that usually is. The general consensus seems to be about 45″x35″, so that’s what I made.

I think it came out well. And when I gave it to L, she was thrilled. I hope the eventual recipient loves it too.

Making something new

The other day I started a new project (the baby’s Inca hat isn’t done yet, but I’m waiting for the trim yarn I ordered so I can finish it)…I’m working on that laptop cozy I mentioned making in the last post. 

I found a couple of kinds of pink “breast cancer awareness” themed yarns at A.C. Moore & Michael’s and have been wanting to make something out of them.  Add that to my getting a new laptop a month ago and my thoughts about an Etsy shop and I decided to make a laptop cozy.  I’m not using a pattern – this is my own creation – so this one is largely an experiment. 

I bought two different yarns.  One is a 100% acryllic medium pink in all one shade and the other is a 100% cotton in shades from white to bright pink.  I’m using the cotton first. 

Here’s the thing with using 100% cotton…I like the way projects come out in the end when I use it, it’s washable, and gets softer over time especially after you wash it.  However, knitting with it is really hard on my hands.  So as much as I’m enjoying making this project, I’m really looking forward to finishing it too.

So far it’s really looking good, I’m thinking the end product will be pretty cool.  I guess we’ll find out soon. 

PS – Sorry for the mildly bad pictures…natural light seems pretty hard to come by in my house for some reason & I don’t have a bright enough light right now.  Hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that soon.