Plans and goals and projects, oh my

Yes, it’s already been 2013 for a week, but I think I’m still safely in the window for resolution-making.

1. Make at least 2 “Project Use Up All the Cotton” items per month. I have no illusions about actually emptying the cotton stash completely, particularly because I’ve had to buy more to use in customer projects. However, I figure 2 items each month is a reasonable and achievable goal. Plus, it would be nice to have a stash of washcloths & soap pockets to donate later in the year.

2. Make this sweater for the Kiddo. It’s a beautiful short-sleeved cable sweater that would be great to wear over a long-sleeved shirt in the early spring. The designer is Elena Nodel and she has created some wonderful patterns. For me, this will be only my 3rd sweater ever attempted and the largest. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by larger garments, but I figure if I was able to tackle a lace shawl in 2011/2012 I can take on a child-sized sweater in 2013.


photo from “Sea Princess” (by Elena Nodel) pattern page on Ravelry

3. Learn how to make an “Aunt Gert” blanket. What is that you ask? Well, the simplest explanation is that it’s a crocheted ripple afghan. More than that though…it’s a blanket that almost every kid in my family has received – me, my sister, my cousins, my niece & nephew, the Kiddo. Aunt Gert was my great aunt. I don’t really remember her, but she made my blanket, my sister’s, and 2 of my cousin’s. My Aunt Barbara and my mom have made all the others. My mom can’t really sit and work on the blankets like she used to so someone needs to step up and make them. That’s really the main reason I decided to learn to crochet. (I had the story totally wrong earlier & my mom called…she was like, “You know all this.” To which I responded, “Duh! Yes I do. I don’t know what I was thinking. So I came back & fixed it.)

There are lots more plans I have in my head for what I’d like to do this year, but as far as solid goals go I would be super proud of myself for accomplishing all three of these.


To be completed

Every 6 months or so I volunteer and sell at a local consignment sale and at this most recent one, one of the women who runs the sale asked me to take a look at a blanket she had started knitting for her daughter. She started it quite some time ago and just doesn’t have the time to get it done. I really like her so, of course, I said yes.

The other day when I stopped by her house to pick up a dress she had tie-dyed for my daughter, I got to see the blanket. It’s just a simple garter stitch. So finishing it…not a problem. She only wants it to be big enough for her little girl to use in the car and she got it about 2/3 of the way there.

I added about 6 more inches to the blanket, making it essentially the same size as one of my daughter’s fleece blankets that she actually uses in our car in the winter. The edges of the blanket were really rough though. I think garter stitch generally leaves edges that look unfinished so I decided to put a crochet bobble edge on it. I had just under a full ball of yarn left so I single crocheted around and then got to making bobbles. I made it 3/4 of the way around the blanket and ran out of yarn.


The yarn was bought a few years ago at a local yarn store and the girl who bought it doesn’t remember what it is or what it’s called. I can tell it’s acrylic, it’s a boucle, and it’s more of a matte finish. I searched on Ravelry last night for anything resembling it and couldn’t find a single thing.


At first I thought I’d just do a couple rounds of single crochet instead, but the bobbles really give the blanket the right look…especially for a little girl. I wound up ripping back the entire edge and starting it over. Now there is no single crochet edge, just bobbles and I’m still quite happy with it. I think it came out really cute.

I hope the little girl it’s for (and her mom) love it.