Boo boo birdy

You know what little kids are great at? Bashing their head and knees (and elbows and faces and fingers and toes) on stuff.

And do you know what helps make tired, irrational, sometimes legitimately injured kids feel better nice and fast? Ice packs. They’re like magic. I used to think my mother had lost her mind when she would give my nephew an ice pack nearly every time he got hurt. Then I received my own head-bashing machine toddler.

Thing is, ice packs can be a bit of a pain in the butt. They make really cute ones for kid, but then you’re supposed to wrap them up in a towel since they shouldn’t go directly on the skin. Kids don’t understand this…they want the cute. So, a while back I found a really adorable thing called a Boo Boo Buddy. This one was a Hello Kitty and it’s plush on one side, satin on the other & has a pocket for the ice pack. Kiddo LOVES her “cold kitty.”

Unfortunately, “cold kitty” is sometimes dirty or wet or hidden in the deep recesses of a toy bin. So, I made a second ‘buddy’ or Birdy, in this case.

A couple of my Nerd Wars peeps asked me if I had a pattern, but since I just improvised and didn’t bother to write it down I had nothing to give them. Looks like I need to make another and write down what I did this time.