A little help for my friends

UPDATE (11/6/12) – 3 of the hats have sold so far. I sent $40 over to a friend of mine who is bringing supplies to a shelter in Tuckerton, NJ. She is using the $40 to purchase more of what the shelter needs. I’m hanging onto the other $20 until the other hats sell or until the end of November, whichever comes first. Once I get to that point, I’ll donate whatever money has come in to an NJ charity and if there are any hats remaining, I’ll make sure those are donated too.

I posted the 5 hats on the Ladybugs Love Purls Facebook page. The hats are specific sizes and the info is listed on their pictures. If you’re interested in one, please message me on Facebook.


After the hurricane

In the days leading up to Hurricane Sandy, in addition to buying cases of water and food that can be eaten cold, I stopped by the craft store to make sure I had all of the yarn I needed to fill my upcoming hat orders.

On Sunday – the day before the storm, I made 2 Holiday Beanies in red & white. One has a poinsettia and the other some holly. Then Monday while the wind blew all around, I made a Football Earflap Hat.

At my house, we were super fortunate. Although I could see flashes in the sky from what were apparently transformers exploding, we did not lose power. Our cable didn’t go out. And no trees crashed into anything near us. Our families are safe, if not entirely warm, at their homes but some of them are without power at the moment.

Many of the coastal towns have been ravaged…piers were detroyed, homes ¬†& cars were underwater, boardwalks (including a portion of the Atlantic City Boardwalk) were washed away. And New York City was hit very hard as well, with the subways flooding and a large portion of Queens being burned among just a couple of the notable damages.

I’m sure we’ll have the news on a lot in the next few days as the damage is assessed all over the Northeast. It’s not hard to guess that people are going to need help…a lot of it. There will be the immediate issue of caring for people that are stuck in shelters and then there will be the needs that arise as the recovery starts and everyone starts to figure out what has been lost.

Here’s what I’m thinking: I have 5 girl’s hats in varying sizes that don’t currently have owners. I’ll put them up for sale on my Facebook Page for $20 each and then donate the proceeds from each of those hats to a hurricane relief charity in the area.

And this is where I can use a little help from you all…where should this money go? Red Cross? A local shelter? Buy stuff to drop off at a shelter? Donate to a Fire Department? I mean it’s $100 so it’s not a TON of money, but I’m sure it can be of help somewhere. So what do you think?