Making something new

The other day I started a new project (the baby’s Inca hat isn’t done yet, but I’m waiting for the trim yarn I ordered so I can finish it)…I’m working on that laptop cozy I mentioned making in the last post. 

I found a couple of kinds of pink “breast cancer awareness” themed yarns at A.C. Moore & Michael’s and have been wanting to make something out of them.  Add that to my getting a new laptop a month ago and my thoughts about an Etsy shop and I decided to make a laptop cozy.  I’m not using a pattern – this is my own creation – so this one is largely an experiment. 

I bought two different yarns.  One is a 100% acryllic medium pink in all one shade and the other is a 100% cotton in shades from white to bright pink.  I’m using the cotton first. 

Here’s the thing with using 100% cotton…I like the way projects come out in the end when I use it, it’s washable, and gets softer over time especially after you wash it.  However, knitting with it is really hard on my hands.  So as much as I’m enjoying making this project, I’m really looking forward to finishing it too.

So far it’s really looking good, I’m thinking the end product will be pretty cool.  I guess we’ll find out soon. 

PS – Sorry for the mildly bad pictures…natural light seems pretty hard to come by in my house for some reason & I don’t have a bright enough light right now.  Hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that soon.


A mind is a dangerous thing

I have an idea brewing.  It’s been bopping around my head for a little while, but I’m actually starting to seriously consider opening an Etsy store.  Now that  I do have time to dedicate to projects, I’m thinking that I could put my creative energies to use making some things that I think other people might like and use.

A couple years ago I made myself a laptop cozy for work and quite a few people commented about how they would love to have something like that.  And I found some pretty, but inexepensive pink-themed yarn that would be nice to make into “Breast Cancer Awareness” projects.  So I’m thinking of combining the two for my next project or two and making those the first couple objects in my Etsy store.  In fact, making several different kinds of ‘awareness-themed’ objects might be a good start for a store overall.

The other items I’m thinking about are Binky clips and Cup/Toy straps.  I found some really cute ribbon versions in stores that I bought for the Little One, but buying them pained me because I knew I could make knitted ones that would be just as adorable.

Potential drawbacks – I am not in any way an expert knitter and it’s possible that I’m going to get requests that are FAR beyond my capabilities.  To mitigate this, I can probably limit myself to pre-made objects for a while as I learn some new techniques.  Also, I would need to make sure I actually have enough things to sell.  I wouldn’t want to wind up with 2 things and a bunch of requests.  That’s probably not a very profitable way to start a store.

Hmmm…things to think about.