The Valentine’s Day Surprise

I have been working on a Sooper Seekrit! project. I cannot hope to convey how excited I was to make this.

One of my Ravelry friends posted this pic & link to a pattern a little while back.


From the moment I saw it I knew exactly what the Hubs was getting for Valentine’s Day. I can’t really explain it, but he enjoys the Gangnam Style song far more than is reasonable for a grown man.

So, I made this:


And, oh yeah, it plays the Gangnam Style song. That’s right! I put a chip in it to make it play music.

Who is super awesome? (And quite possibly, a bit weirder than necessary?) Yep…I AM!


Happy Birthday Nerd Wars!

Nerd Wars is 2!!

And I’ve been playing for 20 months of those 24…holy cow!

What is Nerd Wars? Well, here’s how I explained it on the first day of the first tournament I participated in:

Nerd Wars is a tournament of fiber arts geekery on Ravelry.  People divide into teams based on their chosen nerd-doms and create projects related to that nerd-dom for points in a number of challenges.  Each tourney is 3 months and there is 1 round per month with 6 challenges in each round.  The prize for winning?  As I told the Hubs, Nerd Glory.  So really, it’s all just for fun.”

But it’s so much more than that.  I’ve long since given up on any fantastical notion of taking time off from playing because I couldn’t bring myself to walk away from the people. I’ve gotten to know and genuinely care about the people I play with…especially my teammates on Team P.I.

I’ve gotten to expand my geek horizons (much to the hubs’ chagrin, I think). Doctor Who – how have I not watched this before? Dresden Files – detective stories with a wizardy & supernatural bend…hello, awesome! And I have quite a few more in the Netflix queue just waiting for me to get to them (grr…Haven! Why are you not on Netflix?).

Best of all, I’ve improved and expanded my skills. I used to only knit and I was rarely brave enough to attempt anything more than a baby hat or a scarf. Now I’ve done shawls, socks, stuffies, and even an orange cozy. Plus seeing all of the possibilities for great projects out there, I finally decided to get off my butt and learn how to crochet. Not only did I open myself up to a whole new world of patterns, but being able to both knit & crochet gave me the confidence to put myself out there and open up my own little hat business.

Nerd Wars, you are awesome and I am so glad to be a tiny part. Happy 2nd birthday! Have some cake!!!

pibirthday starwarscake

More than meets the eye!

When a friend of mine requested a Transformers hat for her son, I figured that it would be no problem. I mean, it’s Transformers. Someone has to have made a pattern right?

Yeah, not so much.

I searched as many of the corners of the internet as I could think of. All to no avail. I did find one crocheted Transformer hat on Etsy, but she was only selling the finished product not the pattern. My only recourse was to write a pattern myself. It was a really fun challenge since, although I’ve improvised before, I’ve never actually written a pattern down.

Here’s what I came up with:


What do you think?

Nerd Wars, how do I love thee; let me count the projects

Ah, Nerd Wars. A “silly little game,” as the Gamemaster often calls it. I talk about it often and focus on the challenges frequently. And it must seem silly to people looking in from outside…at least I know my husband thinks it is just a little. But really, it is far from silly (though it has its moments, to be sure).

It’s been a fun gathering place of geeks from all different walks. All the teams are different and focus on different things. The team I’m on focuses on TV shows involving paranormal investigations, like Eureka, Warehouse 13, Twin Peaks…etc. Not all of the teams have the same vibe either and I can’t speak for the bulk of them. What I can say is that Team P.I. has been wonderfully supportive and fun to be on.

Here’s what I accomplished in the last 3 months:

Round 1 (February):

Round 2 (March):

Round 3 (April):

At the end of every tournament, I usually waffle about doing the next one. But ultimately I decide to come back because I love the people and I can’t imagine not being part of Nerd Wars. So this time I’ve decided not to waffle. Instead, I will just look forward to playing in Tournament 5 come June.

Knitting like a mad woman

Okay…carpal tunnel is feeling better and I’m out of my knitting funk again.

I’ve been working like crazy to get my Twiddlebug Shawl/grandmother’s Christmas present halfway done for this week. I’m almost there. 7 repeats to go. I promise I’ll post some pics & tell you about this project soon.

I also need to get at least one project done for the regular Nerd Wars challenges by November 30th. Technically, I don’t have to get a project done since no one on the team would think any less of me if I didn’t…except me. I don’t want to be a team slacker.

Back to work!!!

Time flies…

Round 3 of Nerd Wars Tournament 2 is over.  I actually made it through!  And I even got to use the idea I had months ago for a “Bus Pants Contingency.”

Here’s what I made the last 3 months:

It was hard work…a little more than I actually thought it would be.  But it was really fun.  I got to enjoy other geeky people and see people make insanely creative things.  And I learned that I can be pretty fast when I want (or need) to be.  Most importantly, seeing what other people were capable of making has inspired me to try some knew things.

I’m working on my first real lace shawl right now.  And I’ll be trying out some instarsia in the near future (possibly after my holiday knitting though).

As for the next Nerd Wars tournment, I haven’t decided if I’m going to play yet.  I’m leaning toward no though.  I want to make a bunch of things for Christmas this year, including a shawl for my grandmother and gifts for Lainey’s day care teachers.  I also still have a “winter” gift to make for my friend’s baby and I need to make Lainey her hats for this fall & winter.  So yeah, I might need a tournament break.  And then I’ll be able to get in on the next one.

And when I do, I’m hoping to join – or form if I have to – a Warehouse 13/Eureka team.  I have an idea for a name…Team Tesla.  (It works because of the “guns” they use on Warehouse 13 and the high school in Eureka.)  It’ll be nice to have something to look forward to for spring.

Letting my geek flag fly!

It’s here! It’s here!  Nerd Wars has finally started!!

After nearly bursting out of my skin all day yesterday, the first day of June has finally arrived and with it, the first round of the Nerd Wars Tournament (#2).  In all seriousness, the little girl was awake at 3:30 this morning for no apparent reason and I half considered opening my laptop to check out the challenges.  I’m on Team Bazinga, which is the team for fans of The Big Bang Theory.

(Quick summary for anyone who has no clue what I’m talking about…Nerd Wars is a tournament of fiber arts geekery on Ravelry.  People divide into teams based on their chosen nerd-doms and create projects related to that nerd-dom for points in a number of challenges.  Each tourny is 3 months and there is 1 round per month with 6 challenges in each round.  The prize for winning?  As I told the Hubs, Nerd Glory.  So really, it’s all just for fun.)

There are 6 challenges, though you don’t have to complete all 6:

  • Challenge (Nerd Culture): I see what you did there – The crux of this challenge is to take a video from You Tube that could be considered “viral” (or a least viral-worthy) and create something inspired by it.
  • Challenge (Intellectual): An adage a day – In this one, you are to take a common adage or proverb and create a project displaying or inspired by the adage/proverb.
  • Challenge (Giving Geeks): No more naked newborns – Provide clothing to a local organization that will distribute it to those who need it.  This is the only category where something can be purchased rather than created.
  • Challenge (Scientific): Lightning – These projects are to be inspired by electricity.
  • Challenge (Team Spirit): There is no eye in team – Projects inspired by your particular Team’s geekery.
  • Challenge (Technical): 3(Dimensional) – Make projects that are 3 dimensional in one way or another.

As you can see, I’m CRAZY EXCITED about this game and I can’t wait to share my projects.  More posts to come!!