Getting organized

I think I’ve hit that post holiday/post Nerd Wars tournament knitting funk. In lieu of knitting, I’ve been putting some kind order to the madness that is my pile of printed knitting patterns.

Since about 2007, I’ve managed to accumulate a fairly large pile of knitting patterns that I’ve printed out (most of which I’ve used). They’ve been moved from place to place, all over the house and they drive my husband crazy. Naturally they don’t stay in just one pile and I use several at a time so they kind of get everywhere. So I need to corral these suckers somewhere.

I’ve decided to go, perhaps surprisingly, low tech on this. I got myself a 2 inch wide 3-ring binder, dividers, and a giant stack of sheet protector sleeves.

It didn’t take long to get them all in order. First I put each pattern into a sleeve and then grouped them into categories. Then they went right into the binder.

I didn’t count them, but one pack of sheet protectors has 50 in it and I used 1 and a little of a second. Plus I got rid of a bunch of duplicates and unnecessary pages.

So simple, I don’t know what kept me from doing this earlier.