What’s next?


Actually it may be my last for a while. After this hat, I’m going to be out of the gorgeous pumpkin colored yarn I’ve been using and it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get any more. Curse you Knit Picks for discontinuing the Comfy Worsted in Sweet Potato!!!

I’ve checked a few stores and I haven’t found another yarn I like. Either the color is right, but the texture is all wrong (usually too rough…I mean, these things are going on sweet, tiny baby heads here) or I find a softness I like, but they don’t have a good pumpkin-y color.

This last (for now) pumpkin is being made by special request of the hubby’s cousin. I gave her an apple hat for her baby shower and she asked if I could do a pumpkin for this fall. She doesn’t even know about my pumpkin hat “history.”

Pumpkin Hat

Zoe’s Little Pumpkin Hat


Zach’s Pumpkin Hat


Punkin Hat



Make ALL the Hats!

Well, I did it! I took on the challenge and I completed it. On my second attempt at a Nerd Wars Dissertation (read “very large project that takes 3 months to complete”) I actually finished. (Get ready folks, this is a long one.)

So, what did I do exactly?

I made 9 hats in various sizes – 5 knit and 4 crochet. Want to see?

A couple of the patterns were free, a couple I already had in my personal library, and a couple I had to purchase. Not unexpectedly 3 of the 4 knit hats are Susan B. Anderson patterns (I LOVE her stuff!).

Anyone who has seen some of my previous posts will not be surprised to see yet another Pumpkin Hat. It’s a HUGE go to for me when making baby gifts…especially when I don’t know the baby’s gender. So, I had that pattern and the Pink Paper Bag pattern already because they’re both in Itty Bitty Hats. The 2 Pom Pom Hats are also Susan B. Anderson. The pattern for them is the Dream Catcher Hat and was free.

The other knit hat – Princess Crown – was also a free pattern. Despite it’s lack of cost, I’m not entirely sold on this pattern. It came out okay, but I didn’t really enjoy the process. There were A LOT of stitch markers involved. It’s possible that I was just grumpy because I was short on time so I will give it at least one more shot before I decide whether or not  I like it.

As for the crochet patterns – I bought the Minnie Mouse and the Cloche patterns from Lizzziee on Etsy (along with 3 other patterns) and I couldn’t be more happy with them. The directions were so easy to follow – which was a big deal for me since I’m pretty new to crochet.  The other hat I made was Hello Kitty and it was from a free pattern. I was dubious at first, but when I got it all finished I was super pleased with the result.

Minnie, Rainbow Pom-Pom, and Princess Crown are for my kiddo. She’s all set for winter and playtime now. Pumpkin has already been gifted and Blue Pom-Pom is a gift as well. Hello Kitty has actually been sold. I’m saving the 2 Cloche hats and Pink Paper Bag to sell at a craft fair.

And more awesome – I already have an order for a Minnie Mouse and I have 3 more Hello Kitties to make for birthday gifts.

Best of all…I finished a dissertation and I’m really proud of myself!

I’m still here!

I haven’t fallen off the planet, I promise. I’ve been furiously knitting and trying to keep track of a preschooler’s summer at the same time (seriously…the Kiddo’s schedule has changed just a little and it’s thrown my entire world into a tizzy).

So real quick – here’s what I’ve been making lately:

An apple (in) a day

With a month gap between Nerd Wars Tournaments, I have the chance to make anything I want & not have to fit it into some kind of “box.” (Not that it’s generally difficult to find some kind of connection to a challenge, but it’s nice to not have to think too hard.)

Naturally I went straight for a baby hat. (Ya gotta stick to what you’re good at, right?) Really though, between family and friends I have at least 3 babies to make gifts for this summer. One of my “go to” hats is typically Susan B. Anderson’s Little Pumpkin from Itty Bitty Hats, but I’ve already made at least 4 of them and I don’t want to get that predictable. SO, I changed up the pattern a bit and made an apple instead.


I actually used the Simple Baby Cap 2 pattern from the same book since the yarn weight was more like what I was using and I didn’t want to have to figure out the calculations myself…yes, I was math lazy. Then once I finished the decreases, I added a brown i-cord for the stem and a cute little green leaf.

Now I just need to figure out which baby gets this one.

Pumpkin Hat Evolution

I made another pumpkin hat.  Yes…another.  There just so easy to make for babies of unspecified gender and my husband’s cousin just had a baby.

This one came at an opportune Nerd Wars time though.  One of our challenges this month was to write a haiku & create a corresponding object related to our nerdery.  I chose Abby Kadabby of Sesame Street because she’s always poofing things into pumpkins.  Hence the hat.

This particular pumpkin hat is the 3rd I’ve made & I think it’s the cutest so far.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the smallest or I’ve just practiced making it enough times.

Here’s what they’ve looked like…

Pumpkin Hat #1 – made back in 2008:

Punkin Hat

Pumpkin #2 – made earlier this year (2011) for a friend of mine:

Pumpkin #3 – just made 2 weeks ago:

Little Punkin’ Head

A little pumpkin for a little head.

Just finished this cute little hat for my friend’s little one-to-be.  It’s nice and soft (and washable).  At first glance it looks like it’ll be big, but I’ve learned that the hats always look big until you put them on the tiny heads…and then you can’t believe you didn’t make the hat bigger.

Soft and Comfy Worsted

A friend of mine is having a baby and you know what that means…a baby hat!!!

(Shocking, I know)

I’m making a Pumpkin Hat from Susan B. Anderson’s book Itty Bitty Hats – one of my favorite knitting pattern books.  I’ve actually made this pattern once before and I liked how the pattern came out, but I didn’t like the yarn I used.  It was 100% acrylic and, although I don’t have a problem with acrylic yarns, it just felt too rough.

This time I went in a slightly different direction and ordered yarn online from Knit Picks and so far I’m not disappointed.

Personally I think there are two factors above and beyond anything to take into account when making a baby gift – softness & washability.  Because of this I chose Knit Picks Comfy Worsted yarn.  It’s 75% cotton and 25% acrylic..both washable & soft.

I got it in three colors – Sweet Potato, Peapod & Doe – to make the pumpkin.  The colors are vibrant and a little shiny, but not cheap looking.  As I’m working with it, it feels nice on my hands (100% cotton can be really tough).  It’s not too slippery, but it moves on the needles nicely and it has a good stretch to it without feeling flimsy.  The 25% acrylic should actually help keep the cotton from stretching out too far after repeated wearings.

This is only my second time buying yarn from Knit Picks, but I think I will be doing it more often.

PS – Knit Picks doesn’t even know I exist, save for the orders I’ve placed with them.  So they have nothing to do with this post and most certainly didn’t give me anything for talking about their yarn.