Game of Thrones – mystery knit-along – clue #2

This clue¬†gave me fits. The first time I did it, I followed the same process I’ve followed before for doing short rows and I wound up with a bunch of gaping holes. So I ripped back and started over, but the second time I followed the suggestion of several of the other folks doing the knit-along and tried the shadow wrap method of doing short rows. SO much better. (Thanks Socktopus tutorial!)

There are still some areas that I’m not entirely happy with, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to rip back again or not. I still have one very large hole and I don’t know where it came from…it’s not from a dropped stitch. Also, the center stitches of this section are really loose and look, I don’t know…weird.

On the up side, I’m enjoying the knit-along itself thus far. It’s fun to be making the same thing as other people at the same time. Plus I’m learning all kinds of new approaches and ways of accomplishing even the simple parts.