It’s starting to look like a sweater



This is the Sea Princess Sweater I said I was going to make for the Kiddo. It is, in fact, VERY pink. But the pink is actually quite pretty and not as harsh as I initially thought it might be.

Looking at the progress, I might actually be done a bit earlier than anticipated. In which case, the Kiddo has also requested a pair of matching legwarmers. I’m fairly certain I’ll have enough yarn to accomodate that request, but we’ll see. I hope so.

I still need to decide on buttons. I have to go through my button stash first to see if I have 6 buttons that will match and look pretty with this sweater. If not, I’m not sure where I want to look to try and find them….maybe Etsy, maybe Jimmy Beans (a new fave of mine that I’ll talk more about soon, by the way).


Rainbow hands

I finally managed to get a few hours to knit up a pair of mittens for the Kiddo. You’d think that she would have plenty of mittens, but it’s been one of those things that always gets pushed to the back burner…especially since she has one pair already and it hasn’t been overly cold this winter.

Rainbow Mittens

BUT now she has “Rainbow Hands” and she’s pretty happy about it.

Playing in what's left of the snow on the shady side of the building.

Playing in what’s left of the snow on the shady side of the building.