What’s next?


Actually it may be my last for a while. After this hat, I’m going to be out of the gorgeous pumpkin colored yarn I’ve been using and it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get any more. Curse you Knit Picks for discontinuing the Comfy Worsted in Sweet Potato!!!

I’ve checked a few stores and I haven’t found another yarn I like. Either the color is right, but the texture is all wrong (usually too rough…I mean, these things are going on sweet, tiny baby heads here) or I find a softness I like, but they don’t have a good pumpkin-y color.

This last (for now) pumpkin is being made by special request of the hubby’s cousin. I gave her an apple hat for her baby shower and she asked if I could do a pumpkin for this fall. She doesn’t even know about my pumpkin hat “history.”

Pumpkin Hat

Zoe’s Little Pumpkin Hat


Zach’s Pumpkin Hat


Punkin Hat



These are a few of my favorite things

Nope…no raindrops or whiskers, just knitting stuff.

I’m sure like anyone else with a hobby, there are a few particular tools in my knitting bag that I don’t think I could live without (including a couple recent additions).

Knit Counter App

I used to use a little red clicker to keep track of my rows. And I nearly throttled my husband’s best friend when he saw it on a table and just started clicking away because it was there. A much better solution came along for me after I got my iPhone. The Knit Counter App. This is, by far, my favorite app and the one I use the most (aside from The Weather Channel). It’s a pretty bit step up from my little red clicker.

I really love that you can track multiple projects at the same time. Another nice feature is that you can automatically count repeats of a pattern. I haven’t used it yet, but you can even track stitch markers.

Interchangeable circular knitting needles

I’ve talked about these before. My interchangeable circulars are Knit Picks Options in Harmony Wood. I have them in nearly every frequently used size and even have a couple doubles so that I can keep multiple projects on the needles at the same time. I don’t use regular straight needles anymore.

I prefer using these to straight primarily because the weight of a project distributes a little more evenly between my hands as I move back & forth. As for knitting in the round, I like the Options cables because they are very flexible and don’t have a memory (i.e. when they are wound up for storage you can still pull them out straight and they won’t spring right back).

Tiny “fix-it” crochet hook keychain thingy (Emergency Fix Keychain)

This thing is awesome! For a LONG time I used a small crochet hook to fix my dropped stitches, but about 6 months ago I bought this little keychain crochet hook “fixer” as an impulse addition to one of my orders (yes Knit Picks again). I heart this tiny keychain. I don’t think there are really any major pluses to using this as opposed to a regular crochet hook, I just love how cute and little it is and how nicely it fits in my accessory pouch.

Swift & Ball-winder

Another pretty recent addition to my “bag of tricks,” I have no idea how I managed without for such a long time. Actually I do know…I just avoided buying really nice yarn that had to be wound up. Well, no more. Yes, I will still be a frequent shopper of the craft stores and online places that sell less expensive, pre-wound yarn, but now I can go to the nice yarn stores and easily use my purchases. Yay!

PS – Trust me, Knit Picks still has no idea who I am and they have given me nothing. I just happen to enjoy their stuff and spend WAY too much money on their site. Oh, also Apple and the maker of the Knit Counter App have never heard of me.

Soft and Comfy Worsted

A friend of mine is having a baby and you know what that means…a baby hat!!!

(Shocking, I know)

I’m making a Pumpkin Hat from Susan B. Anderson’s book Itty Bitty Hats – one of my favorite knitting pattern books.  I’ve actually made this pattern once before and I liked how the pattern came out, but I didn’t like the yarn I used.  It was 100% acrylic and, although I don’t have a problem with acrylic yarns, it just felt too rough.

This time I went in a slightly different direction and ordered yarn online from Knit Picks and so far I’m not disappointed.

Personally I think there are two factors above and beyond anything to take into account when making a baby gift – softness & washability.  Because of this I chose Knit Picks Comfy Worsted yarn.  It’s 75% cotton and 25% acrylic..both washable & soft.

I got it in three colors – Sweet Potato, Peapod & Doe – to make the pumpkin.  The colors are vibrant and a little shiny, but not cheap looking.  As I’m working with it, it feels nice on my hands (100% cotton can be really tough).  It’s not too slippery, but it moves on the needles nicely and it has a good stretch to it without feeling flimsy.  The 25% acrylic should actually help keep the cotton from stretching out too far after repeated wearings.

This is only my second time buying yarn from Knit Picks, but I think I will be doing it more often.

PS – Knit Picks doesn’t even know I exist, save for the orders I’ve placed with them.  So they have nothing to do with this post and most certainly didn’t give me anything for talking about their yarn.