Expanding my crafting horizons

I decided to learn something new. At first, I just wanted to learn the basics of crochet because there were a bunch of times that knitting patterns called for a crochet border or a chain for a provisional cast on. And then I realized that I needed to learn for other reasons too. Particularly, family tradition reasons.

You see, when I was a baby my Great Aunt Gert would crochet blankets for the babies in the family. After she passed away, my mom started doing it. In recent years though, my mom’s bad back & shoulder have made it increasingly difficult for her to keep making the blankets. Problem is, no one else in the family knows how to make them. Weirdly, we all have different areas of “crafting expertise.” My grandmom is particularly good at needlpoint & cross stitch. My aunt sews & takes fantastic photos. My mom crochets. My sister…well, she started to learn how to crochet, but hers is a more “improv” style. And I, as you know, knit.

I came to the conclusion that if someone is going to keep the tradition going, it’s probably going to have to be me. Still…I had no idea how to crochet and my mom doesn’t really know how to teach me.  I looked into classes at a local craft store a while back, but then never got around to taking one….until last week. I happened to be at the store in the morning and, on a whim, decided that since I had time later in the day I would see if the class was still going  on in the afternoon. Sure enough, it was. So I paid my $25 and went back for what wound up being a 2 hour private crocheting lesson.

The teacher was super nice and was really easy to understand. Since she knits & crochets, she understood how to teach someone who already knows knitting. By the end of my 2 hours I knew all the basic stitches and had a better handle on how to make my hands do what I need them to do to crochet.

Since then, I’ve tried out a couple patterns and have made a purse and quite a few granny squares. As for the Aunt Gert Blanket, I think I’ll try that one for a “dissertation” in Nerd Wars Tournament 5.

I made a purse!