Bunny Hat

So I decided on the Bunny Hat…and, I’m sure to my husband’s relief, I discovered a ball of yarn while I was cleaning out my closet that will work nicely for this project. It’s a yarn that I bought over a year ago for a different project that I never wound up starting.

Yarn – TLC Cotton Plus in Light Rose

It had to be pink to go with the kiddo’s winter jacket, that was the #1 criteria.  Second it had to be soft, which this one is.  It’s a cotton blend (51% Cotton/49% Acrylic).  Particularly for baby projects, I actually don’t mind using acrylic blends.  They are often soft and, most importantly, washable.

I’m also using my new size 7, 16″ fixed circular Knit Picks Harmony Wood needles.  I think I’ll go into more detail about them (and my other needles) in a future post.

I’m happy with the hat so far.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.