A bird in the hand

So, I’ve finished the first of the Chubby Chirps (pattern by Rebecca Danger) using a sock yarn that I had in my stash.  I’m calling this one the “prototype” and giving it to my little one since it’s actually pretty small and I don’t have rattle inserts yet.

It’s a super quick knit.  I only started it on Monday night and I’m already done.

Here’s how it went (all the steps are done according to the pattern):

First, I knitted the body and stuffed it with both poly-pellets (at the bottom to give it weight) and then fiber fill for the rest.

Then I did the wings…

And the beak.

Finally, I attached the wings and beak and then embroidered on the eyes.  (Honestly I prefer the look of the little plastic eyes but since little kids like to chew and these will be going to kiddos under the age of 3, embroidered eyes it is.)

Quick & easy.  I can’t wait to make more!


A cozy finished

So I finished the knitting on my first laptop cozy, although I still need to add the embelleshment and velcro.  At this point, I think I’m generally pleased with the result.  I’m definitely calling this one a prototype though.  There are a couple things I would like to do differently on the next one I make.

First of all, for the cotton yarn at least, I think I need to cast on fewer stitches since it stretches out a bit.

The next thing I would like to change is the strap for the closure – it’s not wide enough and I don’t like the way I did it.  Rather than making a separate strap and sewing it on I cast off halfway, put the amount of stitches for the strap on a stitch holder, then finished casting off.  In theory, this should have worked and looked okay, but I’m thinking that the stretch of the cotton is making it look warped.  So next time I’m going to try a different approach.

The last thing I would change is the way I sewed the bottom closed.  It’s looking too thick and some of the stiches are showing on the outside.  I definitely need another way to sew it that doesn’t look as weird.

I haven’t decided yet if the next cozy I make will be another laptop cozy or if I will do something smaller.  I probably should perfect the laptop cozy before moving on to my next idea though.