In project “Make ALL the hats!” I made this Minnie Mouse hat:

My daughter is thrilled and wears it around the house regularly.

Then my friend asked me to make one for her daughter too…with a matching scarf.

For this Minnie hat, I made the ears a little bigger. I just thought they were too small last time. I’m actually leaning toward somewhere in the middle for any future hats though.

As for the scarf, it’s just a simple striped scarf in the same colors as the hat. I considered putting fringe on the end, but it just looked incomplete. So I tried Minnies instead.

The Minnie Mouse heads are actually pockets!

Of course, my kiddo saw the scarf and now insists that she has to have one too. I guess I’ll just add that to my list of stuff to make for the holidays. Santa has a lot of knitting & crocheting to do this year.


Something for me?

Since I’m waiting on the yarn I ordered for my upcoming baby projects, I decided to de-stash a little and make something for myself using my super soft, super bulky Rowan Big Wool in Smoky.  It’s a really pretty gray, almost 2 shades in the the same family.

I decided to use a pattern by Mary-Heather Cogar (of Ravelry, naturally), called Riverwalk.  It’s a pretty, but simple cable pattern and should work nicely with my super bulky yarn.

The pattern itself is actually the first individual pattern I’ve ever purchased (on Ravelry or otherwise).  Although I’ve bought books before, I’ve never actually bought a single pattern on its own.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, this could become a habit.

This scarf I’m keeping for myself.  I haven’t made myself anything in quite some time and since I’m the only person in my family that seems to be able to appreciate real wool when it’s at its soft, fluffy best anyway this one gets to be mine.

Sheep pic from http://www.nataliedee.com (so cute!)

A new project…and it’s not a hat!

It’s time to start knitting for the holidays.  Yes, I know.  Christmas is 2 months away.  Crap!  I probably should have started a month ago.

The first, and potentially only, gift I’m making is this Hooded Scarf.  The pattern is the HeelHead Scarf by Carissa Browning, a free pattern, and I got from searching Ravelry (the best site ever!).  At first I didn’t think I’d made anything else by this designer, but it looks like I’ve used her Preemie Hats for Charity patterns in the past (summary…cute & easy to make).

I have quite a bit of yarn in my closet (as I’ve alluded to previously) and I’m using something I already had in my stash for this project – Moda Dea Vision in the colorway, Karma.  (BTW – I just went to look up a link for this yarn & apparently the entire Moda Dea brand has been discontinued…so it’s a good thing I have 3 skeins of it.)  It’s a washable wool/acrylic blend, which I find is always necessary for making gifts for my family members.  They’re all a bit crazy about things that aren’t machine washable.

The pattern is not overly complicated so it seems like something that could knit up fairly quickly.  What’s nice though is the cables in the pattern make it look just fancy enough to wear with a nice coat, but it’s simple enough to wear with any other winter jacket as well.  And the fact that it’s both a hood and a scarf make it just unique enough for the eventual recipient (my sister – who, as far as I know, doesn’t read this blog or even know about it at this point.  Mel, if you wind up seeing this act surprised on Christmas Eve okay?)

I’m sure I’ll be knitting up some other items for the holidays although I’m not sure they’ll be full-on gifts.  I have a kit from last year that I never really used that makes a whole bunch of ornaments.  I also usually wind up knitting at least one wine bottle cozy.  (Don’t ask me why I don’t just do a bunch of those during the year and save them for when I’m going to need them…that would probably be a far to practical and reasonable thing to do.)