Do I have to?

Things I don’t feel like doing right now:

  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Making a shopping list
  • Buying stamps
  • Assembling hats
  • Vaccuming
  • Laundry

Things I DO feel like doing right now:

  • Knitting
  • Cuddling on the couch with the cat
  • Drinking tea

Doesn’t this just look so smooshy and warm? It’s like it’s saying, “C’mon…you know I want to be a pair of fingerless mitts. Hang out with me!”


I think this yarn might be a bad influence.


Losing my ambition

I was going good for a while there, but I’ve had a bit of a slow-down in my knitting ambition.  Long story short, I don’t have to get my projects done for my friend’s shower.  Nothing bad happened!  Don’t worry.  But suffice it to say, I have a while to get my projects done now.

But now that I don’t have that deadline, I feel a little “blah” about the whole thing.  I still want to get them done, I’m just not as excited about them right now.


I’ll get back to my knitting soon.  I guess I just needed a break.

Hi again!

So yeah…it’s been a while.  I’ve been on a bit of a knitting hiatus.  I don’t really have a specific reason, save for that I always seem to take a couple months away after the knitting craziness that is the Holiday Season.

However, I’m in a knitting mood again.  And hopefully that will give me lots of things to post about as well.

Not such a good blogger really

I guess I should have mentioned this before…I’m kind of a terrible blogger.  I always get sidetracked and wind up doing a million other things before getting back to my blogs.  At any rate, now you know.

How is the knitting going you ask?

Well, the bunny started to look like a mentally unstable bowling pin, so the kiddo got a stuffed chickie from Target instead.  I don’t currently have anything on the needles, but I’m looking to change that tomorrow. 

I’m getting a bit of a personal day and I’m planning on taking some yarn with me to see what I can make out of it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now, off to Ravelry to find a new pattern!