More than meets the eye!

When a friend of mine requested a Transformers hat for her son, I figured that it would be no problem. I mean, it’s Transformers. Someone has to have made a pattern right?

Yeah, not so much.

I searched as many of the corners of the internet as I could think of. All to no avail. I did find one crocheted Transformer hat on Etsy, but she was only selling the finished product not the pattern. My only recourse was to write a pattern myself. It was a really fun challenge since, although I’ve improvised before, I’ve never actually written a pattern down.

Here’s what I came up with:


What do you think?



In project “Make ALL the hats!” I made this Minnie Mouse hat:

My daughter is thrilled and wears it around the house regularly.

Then my friend asked me to make one for her daughter too…with a matching scarf.

For this Minnie hat, I made the ears a little bigger. I just thought they were too small last time. I’m actually leaning toward somewhere in the middle for any future hats though.

As for the scarf, it’s just a simple striped scarf in the same colors as the hat. I considered putting fringe on the end, but it just looked incomplete. So I tried Minnies instead.

The Minnie Mouse heads are actually pockets!

Of course, my kiddo saw the scarf and now insists that she has to have one too. I guess I’ll just add that to my list of stuff to make for the holidays. Santa has a lot of knitting & crocheting to do this year.

Now I’m all nervous! But come check it out anyway.

So yeah, it’s probably a pretty logical step for me what with the making ALL the hats and everything, but guess what! I have a Facebook page.

Ladybugs Love Purls

You can actually order hats from me now! (Well, I would have probably made one for you if you asked anyway but now I have an “official” place you can go.)

Of course now I’m all stressed out that people are going to think something I put up is dumb and I’ll be all embarrassed in public. (I know…I have a blog. I already embarrass myself in public on a regular basis, but this is still freaking me out.) I’m also really excited though and I hope people like my hats.

Come see me! Like me! It’ll be fun.

Make ALL the Hats!

Well, I did it! I took on the challenge and I completed it. On my second attempt at a Nerd Wars Dissertation (read “very large project that takes 3 months to complete”) I actually finished. (Get ready folks, this is a long one.)

So, what did I do exactly?

I made 9 hats in various sizes – 5 knit and 4 crochet. Want to see?

A couple of the patterns were free, a couple I already had in my personal library, and a couple I had to purchase. Not unexpectedly 3 of the 4 knit hats are Susan B. Anderson patterns (I LOVE her stuff!).

Anyone who has seen some of my previous posts will not be surprised to see yet another Pumpkin Hat. It’s a HUGE go to for me when making baby gifts…especially when I don’t know the baby’s gender. So, I had that pattern and the Pink Paper Bag pattern already because they’re both in Itty Bitty Hats. The 2 Pom Pom Hats are also Susan B. Anderson. The pattern for them is the Dream Catcher Hat and was free.

The other knit hat – Princess Crown – was also a free pattern. Despite it’s lack of cost, I’m not entirely sold on this pattern. It came out okay, but I didn’t really enjoy the process. There were A LOT of stitch markers involved. It’s possible that I was just grumpy because I was short on time so I will give it at least one more shot before I decide whether or not  I like it.

As for the crochet patterns – I bought the Minnie Mouse and the Cloche patterns from Lizzziee on Etsy (along with 3 other patterns) and I couldn’t be more happy with them. The directions were so easy to follow – which was a big deal for me since I’m pretty new to crochet.  The other hat I made was Hello Kitty and it was from a free pattern. I was dubious at first, but when I got it all finished I was super pleased with the result.

Minnie, Rainbow Pom-Pom, and Princess Crown are for my kiddo. She’s all set for winter and playtime now. Pumpkin has already been gifted and Blue Pom-Pom is a gift as well. Hello Kitty has actually been sold. I’m saving the 2 Cloche hats and Pink Paper Bag to sell at a craft fair.

And more awesome – I already have an order for a Minnie Mouse and I have 3 more Hello Kitties to make for birthday gifts.

Best of all…I finished a dissertation and I’m really proud of myself!

She said it wasn’t a good idea, but I did it anyway

A little while back I finished up a blanket for a friend of mine and when I was done there was a bit of leftover yarn. I didn’t want to just stash or trash the bit I had left since I knew she was a bit in love with that yarn as she had specifically bought it for making her daughter’s blanket before the baby was even born and had spent quite a bit of money on it. So what to make? Well, I made a Penelope! (I LOVE Danger Monsters!!)


As soon as my friend saw her daughter’s Penelope, she immediately asked for one of her own and she wanted hers to be bigger. Rebecca Danger specifically states in the pattern that making the pattern larger would involve copious amounts of refiguring and basically rewriting of the pattern, so pretty much just don’t do it. But my friend was so excited and loved Penelope so much, I couldn’t find a way to say no.

Oh & did I mention that I am insanely picky about colors? So, not only did I agree to make a Big Penelope, but I wound up picking a sport weight yarn to make her with because it was the only yarn in the particular silver-gray that I wanted to use that I could find in the craft store. It took me twice as long to do half as much work. Way to go Becky!

Nearly 3 1/2 weeks later, Big Penelope is done! (To put it in perspective – I can finish a worsted weight, regular-sized Penelope in about 3-4 evenings.) I really am quite proud of her.


Although I don’t think I’ll be making any more Big Penelope’s (especially in sport weight yarn) any time soon.

It’s so nice to hear when someone appreciates something you’ve made

Today I got a facebook message from the woman whose mother I made this blanket for.

She told me how much her mom loved the blanket and how wonderfully it matched her mom’s living room decor. It made me so happy to hear. This was my very first LARGE crochet project and I worked really hard on it.