Playing dress up

After a little rest for my weary wrist (yay for occasionally resurfacing carpal tunnel) and a trip to San Francisco, I managed to get back to my Nerd Wars projects and finish up the last 2 projects I planned to do for the month.

First I finished up my Abby Kadabby accessories.  The little girl loves to put on accessories and she LOVES Sesame Street.  So, I made Abby pigtails & a wand for her to play with.

Then I completed a set of legwarmers…also to be used by the little girl.  They are green & white striped to look like the stockings that “Nanny” wore on Muppet Babies.  I went with the legwarmers because it’s starting to get colder around here and my girl is potty training (mostly code for enjoying not wearing pants A LOT).

The Abby accessories answer the “Costume” challenge.  A challenge to create a costume or costume accessory inspired by our respective nerdery.  The Nanny legwarmers are for the “Colortastic” challenge.  This one you need to create an item utilizing 2 or more distinct colors and they can’t be from a single yarn (like a self-striping or variegated).

Now that these 2 challenges are done, I’m going to spend a few weeks working on my dissertation/grandmother’s Christmas gift.  I figure I’ll probably only do 1, maybe 2 challenges in November so that I can spend the bulk of my knitting time on that shawl.  I really do want to get it done in time.

I promise I’ll write about something other than Nerd Wars soon…I do have other things I think about, I swear.