A Self-Contained Hobby


I love knitting.

Knitting is such a relaxing thing to do.  When I knit, I have the ability to tune out the rest of the world if I want and just focus on my stitches.

About 6 years ago, I had been doing counted cross stitching (which is also incredibly soothing to me) for a few years.  However, when I was doing a cross stitch, things would be all over the place.  I felt like I needed a proper place to sit.  Bits of thread would be all over the place after I changed colors.  My chart had to be out and open so I could keep track of what I was doing.  None of these things was condusive to having a cat.  Yeah, we also got her about 6 years ago.  She kept sitting on my charts and trying to eat my bits of thread.  What to do?

Well, knitting seemed interesting and fairly self-contained.  Yes, there was the concern that the cat might go after the yarn, but I wasn’t overly worried about that since it wouldn’t be a million tiny thread pieces everywhere.  Plus, I could make pretty and small things like scarves.  So, knitting it was.

I went to the craft store, picked up a beginner’s pattern book, the recommended set of needles and a ball of yarn.  I tried to learn from the book, but it didn’t make any sense.  So, I turned to the internet.  That worked much better.  It took me about a year to finish a project and when I did, it looked RIDICULOUS.  The sides didn’t match up at all.  BUT, it was my first finished object.  I was so proud.

Then I discovered Ravelry.  OMG!  So many knitters!  So many people like me!  And the patterns…lots are free!  Yay!

I’ve finished quite a few projects since then.  Scarves, yes.  Also, hats and mittens, a baby dress, cat toys and baby hats out the wazoo.  Recently, I’ve moved on to making baby toys.  Which is what I’m working on now.  I’m making my little one an Easter Bunny (details another time).

Honestly, I find it kind of nice to be able to do something that not everyone else can do.  It makes me smile when someone looks at something I’ve made and is all impressed.  It’s also nice that there are other people that can do it though.  It’s kind of neat to talk knitting with another knitter.  Other people think our love of yarn is crazy, but we get it.